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Back in 1984 at William Paterson,  on my way to the Student Center, I took a New Testament from a 'Campus for Christ' volunteer.  I used it to get  ideas for my Master's Thesis, NEW TESTIMENTS IN CERAMICS.    After receiving a triple A for my work and graduating, my life rapidly fall apart. Holding on to that New Testament I continued to read it until one day I looked up at the ceiling and said, " I read about people in this book who gave their life to you, I want to be one of those people".  

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God is the creator and I am truely blessed to have a  talent to create art.  Before becoming born again  I was uninspiried artistically, doing whatever for selfish reasons. But since 1984 when God touched my heart, I have a purpose to create Christian art.   Designing  Christian  shirts and the Gospelstar  for people  to  wear  and share their faith , writing  a Christian children's book and  to this point over 200 Christian poems, God has allowed  me  to fulfill my desire to create. Now I believe God wants me to bring my talent into the light and share  my  art with others who share my eternal perspective.

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