I have been creating Christian art since 1984, working on my Master's Theisis after completeing my Masters in Fine Arts at William Paterson University, (NEW TESTIMENTS IN CERAMICS), I started writing Christian poems, then later as an at home dad, designing Christian Tees . In 1993 I ventured into pastel drawings developing an abstract face of Christ using color to represent faith along with other Christian symbolism. Around that same time I designed a logo for my Christian softball team which turned out to be a design for THE GOSPELSTAR,  a jewelry piece that represents the life of Christ.

        Continuing to create art and write poetry, God has laid it on my heart to start this web site making my art available to other people who believe in evangelism and have an eternal perspective and desire a visual way to share their faith.

              O R I G I N A L     D I B E N E D E T T O   D E S I G N S